mandala window

Although not overlooked, now that the small house has been demolished, we felt we needed to do something with the downstairs bathroom window. No-one can see you in the shower, because the house is elevated and so all we’ve looked out onto previously, has been the roof of the house, covered in ever growing vines. But that’s all gone now, and the big expanse of sky, just seemed a bit too expansive, as we’ve not been used to it. And then I remembered a mandala transfer, which had caught my eye a while ago, and which I just had to buy, as I knew there might be an occasion when a mandala was just what I needed.

The shape was a little too large for the small square window, so it was carefully trimmed into a circular shape, and, voila! A pretty perfect fit, for our small bathroom window. Although in adding something with so much detail, and photographing it close up, did nudge us into also getting out the sandpaper, caulk undercoat and top coat and giving the whole frame a bit of a makeover, too!

It’s such a small thing, but the transfer does add a little bit of something extra, in the bathroom. It’s certainly pretty and at the moment, it does detract from a crane which is being used further down the village, in the building of a neighbour’s new cottage. We like to add our own style and design personality on all of our rooms, even the smallest ones – and I have to say, this is a very cheery sight when you have your morning shower.



Published on 14th December 2023