kitchen reno : update 5

We think we are now on the final hurdle, kitchen renovation wise. It seems like we’ve been living forever without a decent working kitchen we can call our own – in fact, since we sold our house in West Didsbury, back in January 2017, we’ve been making do in the kitchen area. The one we inherited in this house was pretty awful and so we were glad to see the back of it, last October. But now that we’re halfway through March, we’re definitely ready to be cooking up a storm in a brand new space. The last renovation blog shows what we’ve been up to and where we are now.

It’s been really interesting to watch the plastering process going on. This hasn’t been a case of just doing one layer of plaster – oh no, it has been like watching a work of art developing, as fine layers are applied and skimmed and sanded, a number of times. And, then when we thought all looked perfect, a huge light was brought in and every inch of the plastered walls were illuminated so that every imperfection could be sanded away. I think we must have the smoothest walls in Croatia! A sealant has been applied and the next stage is the undercoating of the walls – and then the underfloor heating is installed before the new flooring is laid.

It’s great to finally be seeing the semblance of a room beginning to emerge. And you never know, we may actually have kitchen units and appliances fitted some day soon…

Published on 23rd March 2018