mediterranean inspired bedroom

In keeping with a lot of the renovation and redecoration work we’ve been doing throughout the house, we’ve taken the decision to revamp the largest bedroom. This is a lovely room, with two windows with views across the fields, and over to the woods. In the winter, when the trees are bare, you can see up to the village of Zrenj and its pretty, illuminated campanile. The room is really spacious, with a very high apex ceiling and beautiful original beams, now painted a very soft pale grey.

I’ve become a bit obsessed with finally living a house that is inspired by those amazing white/neutral houses you see on Instagram. You know the ones – in an impossibly beautiful location, usually on a Greek island. Or Mallorca. Or Puglia. I’ve also become a bit obsessed with decluttering and creating a feeling of space around us. The Well Room has been transformed into a white oasis – perfect in the summer, because the windows overlook a little copse and the contrast between the white room and the lush, green foliage outside is just beautiful. The bedroom was chosen as the next room to be made-over as it’s the one we use most often, and it was definitely time for a change.

  • The vines which we’ve had wrapped around the beams for a few years, lovely as they were, have now gone, meaning that the full height of the room, and the gorgeous beams, can be fully appreciated;
  • The navy blue floor – gone. Now a lovely satinwood white, which has immediately lifted the room;
  • All of the woodwork – door, door frames, window frames and surrounds – are all painted white, meaning that the whole room just feels a lot more balanced;
  • Patterned/coloured bedding has been replaced with all white;
  • Accessories have been pared back – it’s been quite satisfying boxing quite a bit up, as it feels as if we are beginning to organise our lives for the next big move;
  • The one big splash of colour we have added, is to replace the long floor length cream curtains, with the most gorgeous velvet duck egg blue black out curtains – making sleep, especially in the summer, a lot better!

It’s still not quite finished – we still have the new outdoor rattan sofa and twp chairs and a table, for the new garden, sitting in this room – and we’re still stripping back on accessories and throws etc. But it’s getting closer and closer to that white Mediterranean inspired bedroom, I think I’ve always wanted.

Published on 21st June 2023