kitchen reno : update 3

It’s been a while since I’ve recorded anything about the kitchen renovation, simply because nothing massive – or Instagram worthy – seems to have happened recently. But actually, a lot has happened and we are hopeful that the dirty, grimy work is now almost over. So, where are we up to?

Well, still camping out kitchen-wise in the Well Room. Still eating and wearing a constant film of fine dust. And still shivering as icy blasts blow through newly opened holes. But, big progress is being made, even if it’s still the messy, smashing up and drilling kind of work. The new window is in, the newly exposed ceiling has been boarded out and plastered, ready for fine sanding and skimming, the tubing through which the new electric cables will be fed are all in position for sockets and new lighting, new plumbing has been installed, the terrazzo floor tiles are up, ready for the self levelling concrete to go down and a new step has been made, into the kitchen.

For most people, the above will look still look horrendous, but we think we’re almost onto the good stuff. Plastering, new concrete window cills, installation of sockets, lighting and then underfloor heating and new boards, followed by painting before new kitchen is fitted. All sounds easy-peasy but bet we’re still kitchen-less in a month’s time!

Still, the joy of walking into the kitchen, up that smaller step, is making it all worthwhile currently…

Published on 6th February 2018