roxanich wine & heritage hotel : motovun : istria

We’re suckers for stylish interiors. The kind of interiors that we maybe wouldn’t be quite bold enough to go for at home, but love experiencing. And if anywhere does stylish interiors, it’s the new kid on the block in Istria – Roxanich Wine and Heritage Hotel.

When we moved to Istria in 2017, we’d often drive past a very intriguing, but derelict building, on the road below Motovun. A bit of research revealed that this had been a winery, and in its heyday it must have been majestic. And then one day, the demolition guys arrived and work started on it. We knew pretty soon that this renovation was going to pretty special, as even just from the roadside, we could see that sympathetic, but contemporary design, was the order of the day. It finally opened early 2019 and in the summer we were delighted to experience Roxanich.

Friends from Manchester came out to stay out to stay with us, and as a birthday was happening mid-visit, we booked into Roxanich, on their first night. The hotel has private parking – always good to know if you’re in a hire car, for example. We had thought that spaces would be at a premium, becasue you can see the car park, to the side of the hotel, from the road, and there are only about ten spaces here. However, Roxanich has this covered. With a car-lift, down to a secure underground car park. Very James Bond.

The hotel itself is an utter class act. Everything is on point. Perfect. It’s wild and raucous in terms of decor, in places, but cool, calm and supremely elegant, in others. It’s a hotel that knows when to be playful and when to be more decorous. The reception area is wide and expansive, with a sweeping arched ceiling and crittal doors, providing immense views across the Mirna Valley.

Roxanich Wine and Heritage Hotel, Motovun, Istria

As its name suggests, wine is at the heart of this hotel.

One of the greatest treasures of Roxanich estate are undoubtedly its wines. It is fitting then, that they should be kept safe, deep inside a hill. Visit our winery and cellars, snugly fit inside the landscape, based below the hotel…

We didn’t get to visit the wine cellars, but did check out the wine shop. Although “shop” doesn’t really convey just how beautiful this area is, which is accessible from both the hotel and the outside area, meaning if you’re passing and need a top quality bottle of wine, this is your place.

Roxanich Wine and Heritage Hotel, Motovun, Istria

So, to our room.

  • Bizarre;
  • Amazing;
  • Eclectic;
  • Views to die for;
  • Super comfy.

Did I say bizarre? And eclectic? A double dose of both! Imagine a room with a four poster bed. You’re not even close! Imagine that four poster bed, not with a wooden frame, but with a caramel coloured leather frame. Yep, that;s what we had, but you’re still not even close. Imagine that four poster bed, also being a… bunk bed. This is one of the Family Rooms, Roxanich-style. You in the bed. Kids up the ladder and onto the top double bunk. Only it’s also a proper, grown-up bed, with fabulous bedding, pillows and duvet. Perfect if you fall out. Although hopefully, not literally!

If you’re on a cheeky night away, sans-kids, but fancy the Family Room, let it be known that that this particular four poster bed has a mirrored ceiling. I know…

Style-wise, this hotel is just sublime. Definitely not to everyone’s taste, but it ticked every one of our boxes. Playful, light-hearted and cheeky, but with super attention to detail. We love it. And, if we’re bold enough in our next reno project, who knows? Maybe we’ll find a new place for a mirror…


Published on 4th March 2020