limoncello spritz

Limoncello spritz is a refreshing and vibrant cocktail, combining the zesty flavors of limoncello liqueur with the effervescence of prosecco. It’s a popular Italian aperitivo, perfect for sipping on a warm summer day – and with no mixology skills required, it’s quick and easy to rustle up. An Aperol Spritz is obviously the ubiquitous Italian aperitivo, and it is much loved in our house, but I have to say that the Limoncello Spritz is becoming much more popular here, as it’s just a whole lot more refreshing.

what you need per glass

  • 60 ml limoncello
  • 120 ml prosecco (or sparkling white wine)
  • 60 ml soda water
  • 20 ml lemon juice
  • sprig of fresh thyme and lemon halves to garnish
  • ice cubes

As I say, you definitely don’t need to be a mixologist to create this refreshing aperitivo – just pour the ingredients over ice, mix and garnish. It couldn’t be simpler. And, served with olives in our new favourite way – heated up in the microwave, and sprinkled with coarse sea salt and chilli flakes. You’ll not eat a cold olive, again, I promise.

So, here’s to summer in a glass…

Published on 13th May 2024
Categories: Lifestyle