bringing sourdough back to life…

Now that we’ve discovered a fabulous bakery, in Porec, that sells nothing but sourdough bread – many varieties, but all sourdough – we buy lots of it. We’re trying not to eat sliced, packaged, processed breads and so often bulk buy and freeze, when we can get to Bread Point Bakery. But we’re not the best at quickly polishing off a loaf, and so often, the bread goes hard. And you know what sourdough’s like – I think you could actually break a tooth on it, when it’s not at it’s freshest. Stupidly, we’ve been throwing it out when it gets like this – but no longer, since I spotted a Reel on Instagram, and I found out what probably everyone else in the world has known all along. You can regenerate sourdough!

It’s so simple – and it works! So, if like me, you’ve been uninformed and chucking it, I can promise you, you will NEVER do that again, because this is how easy it is, to keep your sourdough going :

  • Moisten the crust of the bread with water – running it under a slow cold water tap works well, but you could probably also sprinkle water over the bread or lightly misting it with a spray bottle. (The cold water tap worked better for our bread, because it was very hard – as in four or five days old).
  • Then, wrap the bread in aluminum foil and place it in a preheated oven at around 180°C) for about 10 minutes, and the steam generated from the water will help soften the bread.
  • Remove, place on a wire rack and allow to cool down and you will not believe how fresh it is, with all of its sourdough springiness back.


Published on 12th May 2024