Sometimes things take a turn of events that you just didn’t anticipate. And this has happened to us.

We’ve spent the best part of the last two and a half years renovating our stone house in Istria, from top to bottom and have almost, almost completed it. We’re on the final lap now. The new upstairs bathroom has just been installed and the room is now being properly decorated. Later this week, another couple of WorkAway visitors arrive and they will be installing a new wooden floor in the Well Room, ready for us to paint. And with these two jobs done, we should be a point where we can put our feet up and relax and enjoy the renovated house.

But, we don’t think we’ll be doing that for too long. Because, we think we’ve found our next renovation project and we’re starting the process of selling this house…

That’s right. Selling up, just as we can kick back and relax. But, what we have seen is just too good an opportunity to at least not investigate.

It’s a property that has been up for sale for as  long as we’ve been here. We’ve driven past it so many times, usually remarking that one day, somebody would snap it up and create an amazing home. And then the penny dropped – why couldn’t that “somebody” be us?

It’s a very unusual property as it so different to where we are now. In fact, it’s currently not even a residential property. So it is a massive renovation project. We have viewed it, and yes, our work will definitely be cut out, but we’re ready for the challenge!

Our solicitor has checked out all of the legalities and ownership issues and he thinks we’re ready to go! So, we’ve designed a website for our home and will be listing it on overseas properties websites. In the meantime, if you know of anyone who may be interested in our house, please do send them the link to the website. We’d be very appreciative 🙂

We’ve also got a dedicated account for the house sale, so if you’re on Twitter, and you want to follow this particular journey, we’d love to see you here.

If you have any questions, please drop us a line to  and we’ll do our best to provide you with as detailed information as possible.