Summer in Istria is pretty amazing. Once it takes hold, we’re almost guaranteed five months of blue skies, sunshine and hot temperatures. It’s now October, and although the temperatures have definitely fallen, it’s still pretty balmy – currently in the low-mid 20s. As in, what we would have called a “good summer’s day” back in Manchester. Now that the fairly intense heat of summer has faded, and the sun is not quite as high in the sky, our house and garden take on a different personality. The early morning sunshine that now floods the living room, is more milky. The greenery in the garden, up until recently, vibrantly green, is now turning gorgeous shades of red and orange – but we still have flowering plants. The small bouganvillea is still a burst of pink petals. There are deep crimson carnations still blooming – with many new buds – and the passion flowers are still opening on the climber.

The surrounding fields have all been harvested – we did rather well out of this, being gifted bags of potatoes and courgettes from our lovely neighbour – and the rich, red soil has been tilled. We’re looking forward to seeing what emerges from these green shoots over the next few weeks…

We also have a “Secret Garden” – secret, because it’s not really ours, but it adjoins our land and we take care of it. We’ve cut back all of the dead wood, and cleared the ground and have installed the white vintage wrought iron table and chairs in it. It looks very pretty in the summer, but now that autumn has arrived it’s taken on a different look, with clusters of sprouting mushrooms and golden leaves strewn across the furniture. We know this won’t last long and the prettiness will be gone once winter arrives, but it’s looking very beautiful in all of its autumnal glory at the moment.

When we’re out and about, the countryside at this time of year, puts on a real show. Trees are vibrant in colour, especially when set against the brilliant blue October skies. And pumpkins and squashes are in abundance, often piled up creatively on garden walls and roadside stalls and window ledges.

Early mornings are enchanting, too. Gone are the days of sun streaming in through the bedroom windows at 5am. This has been replaced by sunrises which are just as spectacular – although now often shrouded in mist. These were the views we woke to this morning – from one side of the house, eerie, atmospheric fog and to the other, pink fog as the sun started the break through…

When we decided to move here, one the things which drove us was being able to experience the seasons – and this is certainly something we do now, as they are all distinct. Now that we’ve accepted that summer is behind us for a while, we’re all ready to embrace autumn and winter. With that in mind, we’re making sure that everything is hygge-ready in the house – and if there’s one house that adapts brilliantly to the changing seasons, it’s this one.

If you are ready to embrace a new life, or if you like the idea of having a holiday home in a an area of unspoilt natural beauty, that is also very close to places like Trieste, then you might be interested to know that our home in Istria is now for sale. We’ve found ourselves our next project – only about 5kms away – and it’s just too good an opportunity, for us, to pass up on. So, we’re ready to hand over the keys to our beautifully renovated home, full of every mod-con and amenity you would want, in order to live a peaceful and relaxing life. Interested? Check out our website and either drop us a line via the contact form, or email directly to and we’ll provide you with as much information you need, or answer any questions you might have.