the easiest recipe, ever…

If you are a fan of curry, then this is a perfect recipe. I found this on Instagram, and just had to give it a go as I couldn’t believe that a curry – or, soup, as the recipe calls it – could be anywhere near tasty with so few ingredients. How wrong was I?

It genuinely is possibly the easiest meal we have EVER made, even taking into account the recent mashed potato soup. Even though the original recipe calls it a soup, it really is more like a substantial veggie curry, without all of the prep. And, there are only five ingredients. Four, if you discount the water…

  • red lentils
  • spinach – we used tinned spinach as we had no fresh or frozen
  • curry powder
  • halloumi
  • water & black pepper


1. Simmer one cup of red lentils in two cups of water for about an hour, with a big tbsp of curry powder & pepper. Chilli flakes could probably also be added for an extra kick;
2. When the lentils are cooked and creamy in consistency, start to pan fry halloumi cubes, turning until golden brown on all sides;
3. Add the spinach to the lentils, stirring in & simmering for a couple of minutes. (The tinned spinach actually added a bit more creaminess to the mixture);
4. Serve the curry and add the halloumi cubes on top – we served with pitta breads

This was a meal in itself and really tasty, served with pitta breads. It could be bulked up with rice or more substantial naan breads, and it could definitely be served as a curried soup if more water was added, but it’s perfect either as a main dish, or a side dish. We took our time over the cooking of this, but it could be knocked up very quickly if you were short on time, or save on time by doubling/tripling the ingredients, batch cook and freeze. Great for those autumnal nights when you want something quick, easy and warming.

Published on 23rd October 2023