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It’s going to be quite a few more weeks, we think, until we have anything that resembles a kitchen, never mind something as luscious as this above. In the meantime, we’re just going to have to continue muddling through the dust and the dirt and the grime – which we do try to keep on top of – but which reappears every day, as walls and ceilings and floors are knocked down, bashed out, drilled to pieces. Like anyone who has limited kitchen resources/space, we’ve have to be resourceful. We don’t have the range of restaurants on our doorstep here, like we did in West Didsbury. The nearest restaurant is a 30 second walk away, but it’s now winter and restaurants here tend to open when they fancy in the cold months. Which, as far as we’ve seen, seems to be never, so eating out options are currently limited.

Eating in is the easier opion – but with no sink, we are reliant on the dishwasher when it is plumbed in, or back to the old washing-up-in-the-bath routine. So, dishes that rely on just one pot or pan are flavour of the day, at the moment – and today, we have a roasted tomato and spicy chilli soup simmering away, on the hob. It’s obviously dead easy to make, but I may use things that you don’t, so here’s how I’ve done it :

  • About six/seven beef tomatoes – a lot, I know for two people, but these are super cheap out here, although I do know they are a bit pricey back in England. I just roughly chopped them & left the skins on as the soup will be whizzed up before serving. I’m not using any more knives/chopping boards than I need to 😉 Chucked in a pan with boiling water, two vegetable stock cubes, salt and plenty of black pepper
  • Cherry tomatoes on the vine – covered in olive oil, seasoned with salt and black pepper and sprinkled with a generous dusting of chilli flakes, oven roasted until some are starting to blacken and then mixed in with simmering beef tomatoes & stock

The colours of the ingredients of this super spicy soup are just gorgeous – and are definitely brightening up a very atmospherically foggy Istrian day. Our builder tells us this is normal weather for this time of year, but that at the weekend the Bura – the winds which sweep down from Slovenia and Trieste and are very strong – will arrive and will blow away the low lying clouds and sunshine and blue skies will return ☀️

In the meantime, we have our super spicy soup to keep up warm and toasty…