spiced up red thai chicken soup…

The base recipe for this soup is exactly the same as the one I posted last year, but this time I did a couple of things differently. I decided not to whizz the soup this time, keeping the vegetables a bit more chunky – this made the final broth a little less creamy in texture and a bit more robust. I think I must have also added quite a few more fresh chillies as it definitely had more of a kick – perfect for a cold winter’s night.

For a bit more substance, fresh noodles were added at the chicken stage, making the soup a lot more substantial. Using a fork to twirl the noodles around the spoon made it feel more like a main course, than a soup. The addition of a side helping of fresh crusty bread and rock salt butter – utterly decadent – meant we were pretty full after a nice big bowl, with more than enough left over for lunch the next day.

Published on 18th December 2022