We were lucky to have two days in Rome before flying to Corfu. It has to be one of our favourite cities in Italy – how could it not be? For this part of our journey, we chose to travel by train from Pisa. Now, in England if you were to book a first class train ticket, to travel on a Friday, the price would be sky-high. Not in Italy.

We booked in advance, online via the Trenitalia website – two first class tickets to Rome, on a Friday, at a peak time, 92 euros. You need to print out your ticket as the bar code is scanned once you’re on the train. The other option was a coach, but at that price, we fancied seeing what 1st class Italian rail travel was like. Answer – pretty seamless & good value!

Italian trains really do seem to run bang on time – right down to the minute and this was no exception. The train was huge, plenty of carriages and very clean. We had a compartment which we shared with three other passengers but there was plenty of room. Pisa to Rome is 3 hours and largely along the coast so it’s a great journey. A coach may be a bit cheaper, but probably a lot less roomy, as we had a few weeks of car hire ahead of us, we knew we’d be much rather be looking out at the sea and having the hassle of driving/navigating taken away, on this occasion.

Getting the Metro from Rome Termini Station is also relatively straightforward. The lines intersect like a big “X” – and if you’re staying pretty city centre, a lot less complicated than getting around London 😉

So, top tip from our journey to Rome – let the train take the strain. And, if you can, do it first class.

Rome Part Two coming up…