retro sunbeds

We decided this summer, with the garden revamp and everything, to replace the wooden sun loungers. Bought when we first moved in, we committed the initial rookie error of never oiling them, and then after the first year, left them outside over each winter. I did try to make them look better, first by spraying them an anthracite grey, then when this weathered, painting them with the same pale blue sating wood gloss that we did the external wood work in. This was possibly their best phase, looks-wise, but years of neglect had made them a bit rickety and far too squeaky.

These were given to a neighbour, as we’d found what we thought were better sunbeds – the wooden, curved crocodile sun loungers. Obviously, not the real deal as these are monumentally expensive – we found our crocodiles in Kaufland, one of our big, local suerpmarkets, which usually always has good summer bargains. Anyway, these looked a lot nicer, and so were purchased.

These have been OK, but not the most comfortable, especially as pads have been difficult to find – the beds don’t go flat, the curve stays, and so these pads from Jysk were the best we could find, as they had flexibility. Although again, not very comfy as they are quite thin. So, this year, I have made a determined effort to get it right. If both the front and rear gardens were being completely redesigned, I wanted to have sunbeds which would last and would be comfortable – and my mind kept returning to those retro, white, plastic beds, with big arm-rests, which you usually hire on Greek beaches. However, it would appear that these are made out of some very special plastic, because the online prices were extortionate. I had to go online, as they also seem to be as rare as hens’ teeth, and nowhere seemed to stock them here. Eventually I did find a UK company which would ship to Istria, but without shipping costs, two of these were £216.00!


Luckily, in hindsight, I received an email saying that the seller was going to have to cancel my order, as the shipping was just too costly. But , as so often happens, good things sometimes come out of disappointment.

At the end of last week, on a trip to Spar, another of our big, local supermarkets, lady luck struck. There, right by the checkouts, were a big pile of exactly what we’d been looking for – and at the bargainous price of €37 each! The car was too full to get them home immediately so we returned over the weekend – and I am right when I say they are as rare as hens’ teeth. There were three left! Two were snapped up immediately and are now sitting pretty in our front garden…

Properly retro and despite them being plastic, they are SUPER comfortable. Spacious and with arm rests at a very good height. Yesterday, summer returned to Istria, with a vengeance – it was very, very hot and these beds were just the ticket. I can’t deny that some afternoon snoozing may nave happened, as I drifted off, on my very own Greek beach, in Istria. And, of course, more trips to Spar are needed, as I now have to have another two, for the newly created rear garden. Especially at those prices!

Published on 12th June 2023