We’re loving making the interior of the very traditional Istrian stone house we have bought, much more cool and contemporary, and it’s no secret I’ve been very influenced by this image of a Greek house and these colours, on Pinterest.


All of the rooms are now predominantly white, the exception being the gorgeous Hague Blue walls and ceiling in the new kitchen. The original wooden beams throughout the house are all going a very pale grey and floors will either be stained with a walnut varnish or painted in our favourite Farrow & Ball Railings. The house now seems much more light and airy and spacious – and therefore much more able to take a very vivid splash of colour.

We brought with us an inherited work table, which had been stored in a garage and was covered in splashes of paint. Many people might have just junked it, but we loved the shape and size of it – and knew that we could give it a whole new lease of life. We seem to have spent the last few months, painstakingly priming, undercoating and topcoating shutters, window frames and beams. So what was needed was a quick injection of colour – and spray paint seemed to be the ideal answer. First up for a bit of a test, was my gorgeous silver pineapple from David Gavin Design in West Didsbury. There was nothing wrong with it being silver but I just had a notion that banana yellow and hot pink – a bit like Rhubarb & Custard – would be the combination I was looking for. Less than 10 minutes later, voila…

And yes, I know pineapples are green on the outside, but I wanted mine to be yellow. So, yellow it is.

Next up was the table treatment. Now that we have outside space, all was needed was a sheet on the ground and the spraying commenced. I did go through a few cans but at just round aboout the equivalent of £2.50 per can of paint, effectively a new table was created for less than £20. And the perfect spot for this table, was at the top of the stairs, which is quite spacious and very light, as the ceilings are really high and the window quite large.

I’m pretty rubbish at nurturing greenery, so decided to go down the faux route – much less hassle and for me, much more cost effective as I’m not constantly replacing real greenery which has withered because of my lack of care. We had a huge elderflower tree cut down last year, and had kept one of the big branches, which was painted white and suspended across the beams in the upstairs hallway – it’s always looked a bit lost and has needed something to give it a purpose. And this is where the faux has come in – a hanging garden, inside. The Hanging Garden of Istria, if you like…

So, what do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts. Pink? Yes, or no? Faux, or no?