Fortunately, when we booked a night’s accommodation in Algehro, Sardinia, I was looking more at the room/bathroom/reviews than the name, and so really only realised when the confirmation email came through that the name was so awful. I mean, “Holiday Fever“…

However, we could not have been more pleasantly surprised by Holiday Fever – and totally fell in love with Alghero. Here’s what we posted on Trip Advisor…

Holiday Fever is probably the worst name for holiday accommodation, but if you can get over it, this is actually a really good place for a short stay in Alghero. There are three rooms, located on the first floor of a traditional Sardinian building (the communal entrance way is just that – communal, a little bit tired looking & it did actually give us the wrong impression of what was behind the door to our accommodation…). There is no reception, but we made a quick call to the owner, and she was with us within 10 mins.

Our room was more than satisfactory for a night’s stay – a lengthier stay might prove a bit more problematic as was fairly small, but it was exceptionally clean, and the furnishings were very tasteful & comfortable. There is good internet access, satellite TV, a fridge, good size wardrobe, very comfy double bed – and a sparkling bathroom, with a powerful shower. There is a cafe/bar below (as has been mentioned in previous reviews), but you’re in a city. Close the windows, put the air-con on, and it’s not a problem.

The accommodation is located literally 2 mins from the port & the old town of Algerho – we were delighted that within 5 mins, we were strolling through the beautiful old centre. Alghero is stunning – and Holiday Fever, because of its location, enabled us, in the very short time we had, to explore it & get to know it.

Highly recommended. But, I’d be changing the name 😉

Because of the nature of the accommodation, breakfast is not available in Holiday Fever, but you are given vouchers for a cafe directly across the road (at the entrance to a lovely park). We had to leave very early the next morning, so did not have the opportunity to try the breakfast – however, the cafe did look very nice and so would imagine that breakfast there is more than adequate.

We booked Holiday Fever via and paid just over 60 euros for a very pleasant stay, in the stunning city of Alghero. This deserves a blog of its own, but here’s a sneaky peek…

Holiday Fever, is located at Via Catalogna 10 – Alghero (SS), Riviera del Corallo – Sardegna (Tel. +39 389 87 11 333), and is literally around the corner form the old port & city walls. It is about 10km from Alghero to the airport (AlgheroFertilia Airport) and easy to get to – just follow the signs for the village of Fertilia.

*A word of warning – we hired a car in Cagliari from Europe Car and arranged to drop it off at Alghero airport at 7am so that we could catch a connecting flight – this was all pre-arranged and actually indicated on the car-hire documents. However, NONE of the car-hire drop off points (even  the big ones such as Hertz), actually open until 8am. We took plenty of photos of the car, and posted the keys and documents, with a note, through the window of the Europe Car office in the main terminal building. This was done on the advice of the Hertz guy who had arrived to open up his office – it’s apparently quite common practice 😉 Three days later, our deposit was fully refunded.