Having heard lots of people rave about this north eastern Sardinian  coastline, we thought that a slight detour was definitely in order. We’d been staying at an agriturismo in the Saltara region and were heading to a second, a little further south (but still deep in northern hills) & the coastline to the east was only about a 30 minute detour. The interior of northern Sardinia is lush. Mountain sides are filled with greenery, interspersed with rocky outcrops and monoliths. A very dramatic landscape, especially when compared to the infamous Costa Smeralda coastline.

The coastline is littered with coves and sandy beaches and turquoise blue, crystal clear water. And yachts. Oh, yes, yachts. This part of Sardinia literally oozes wealth. You can smell it. And so whilst it is undoubtedly beautiful, for me, it just seemed a little bit soulless. I much, much prefer the western side of the island which feels much more remote and rugged and wild. But, each to their own I guess, and judging by the number of swanky hotels and restaurants, not everyone feels the same way as me…

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