cheesy irish soda bread

A while ago I discovered the easiest bread recipe using just four ingredients – plain flour, baking soda, salt and 0% fat plain drinkable yogurt. For the record, Siggis yoghurt is the best. By far.

Since making the initial loaf, we’ve experimented with different ingredients and toppings, and this recent one, was just an absolute belter. It does add to your list of ingredients, but the taste is out of this world. The original recipe is here so just follow that and add the additional ingredients at the mixing stage, to produce the most wonderful cheesy bread. Added to the bread mix, were very generous portions of strong cheddar cheese (cubed) and slices of pungent French blue cheese and a good lot of parmesan. Chopped fresh rosemary was also added. Before putting in the oven, more parmesan cheese was grated across the top, and coarse rock salt sprinkled over. About ten minutes before the loaf was finished cooking, a couple of sprigs of fresh rosemary were added to the top, to infuse the aroma and taste.

I’d like to say we waited until evening to serve with dinner – unfortunately, the loaf was eaten as soon as it had cooled down sufficiently, for lunch. And that’s the worst thing about this bread – there’s no way you could make it and hope to keep it until later. It’s far too delicious for that, but luckily it’s so quick and easy, you could always make another for dinner…

Published on 6th September 2023