Of all of the things which confound us in Croatia – and there are many, believe you me – the biggest has to be boundaries. We’ve never really had to think about boundaries before, because when we’ve bought or sold properties previously, the Land Registry has just done its thing. But we’re in Croatia now, and boundaries are quite literally, a national obsession.

We have one neighbour who has fallen out with everyone in the vicinity over boundaries. She is currently embroiled in a court action with another set of neighbours over a scrap of land the size of a handkerchief. So, in our attempt to buy a piece of land from one of our other neighbours, we have been very mindful of boundaries and have spent the best part of the last four months trying to secure a visit from the geo-data guys. The ones who know about boundaries. This is what we are hoping to buy – the plot of land with the little abandoned house to the rear of our house, which we hope will become a beautiful walled sun-trap of a garden…

We’ve agreed a price with our neighbour. We’ve agreed access rights. We’ve a solicitor ready and waiting to go with the legalities. And yesterday, the geo-data guys confirmed that yes, the boundaries are all OK and proceeding is not a problem. Hurrah! I was almost planting up  the pots, in readiness for spring 🙂 But, we are in Croatia – and as well as an obsession with boundaries, the second favourite national pre-occupation is procrastination. Why do something quickly and efficiently when you take six or seven months to do it? Yes, that’s right – that’s how long it’s going to potentially take to rubber stamp the boundaries and mean that we can proceed.

However, I am eternally optimistc and I am sure that this particular case will be dealt with by someone who can apply common sense and that we’ll get it done and dusted much sooner. Because, with inspiration like this around me, it can’t happen soon enough!