For obvious reasons, there’s no celebrating of 5th November out here in Andalucia. But the absence of a bonfire and fireworks weren’t the only reasons why the 5th November – to me, the real start of winter – seemed a bit odd yesterday. What seemed odd, was spending it on a beach in sunshine that hit the mid-twenties. In November! But that’s Andalucia for you – not a million miles away from home, but at this time of year it could be…

So, today, in the spirit of the onset of winter back at home, we’re chasing the snow and heading up the Sierra Nevada – we had torrential rain on Tuesday and this will have meant the first snowfall of the season, high up in the mountains above Granada. We’re not expecting skiing conditions, but it will be another trip ticked off the list when we can do the “snow in mountains in the morning, beach in the sun afternoon”.

To make it even more special, we’re planning a return to The Alhambra, first visited about twenty years ago.

And to me, that’s the beauty of Andalucia – so many diverse things to do and see, in quite a small area, and very accessible from home. Just over three hours from home (and flights are now so inexpensive if you can be a little bit flexible), and you can have all of this on your doorstep. Plus, if you really miss the fireworks, there are fiestas and festivals mostly all round – just not on the 5th November!