If the last couple of weeks have taught us anything, it’s that you need to be adaptable and always be prepared to change your direction. There’s absolutely no point in just ploughing on, when literally everything is telling you to stop and rethink. We’ve had a summer full of house viewings, one even going so far as contracts of sale being prepared. But, looking back, we realise now that without exception, literally everyone who viewed, was at best, a time-waster. Let’s not consider what they were at worst.

So, as summer comes to an end, it seems the right time to take stock. And finally admit to ourselves that our long held onto dream of The Printworks, may be over. Finished.

With our current, beautifully renovated home still not sold, we can’t go on forever, clinging onto the hope that the next viewers may be the ones. If they are, all fine and dandy, but it’s time to take things back under our control. So, a big change of direction is about to be implemented, which may or not involve our house being sold. Which may or not involve us taking on additional renovation work. Which may or not involve a radical move.

All we know is, we are back in charge again. We’re not dependent on the whims of people who love our house, build up our hopes and then dash them. It’s ALL now down to us. And we cannot wait for what may be about to happen.